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Shape your Career's with Eden....

We have a vision to create an organization that will provide our clients with quality solutions, and our employees with exciting careers. Our strategy of focusing on technology services of the future means we work with the latest cutting edge technologies, the best people, and some of the best organizations in the world.

Our motto is excellence, our mantra is our people and culture.

We are a bunch of highly driven ambitious people who want to be the best in whatever we do. Our people have a zest for life and work both - and that makes Eden a fun place to work. Energy and vitality, learning and growth, camaraderie and togetherness, individuality and diversity, ideas and innovation, discipline and execution these describe our culture.

Though we are a growing organization, we have retained the warmth, camaraderie, and entrepreneurial spirit of a small start-up. We have an open door policy, and you can always walk in anywhere, be it for advice, help, or a jam session.

Come and join Eden, and grow with us .

We are a company with a vision, strong financial backing, and one that is on its way to becoming a global powerhouse.

Eden Information technologies is a company with very strong core values, one that balances aggressive growth with respect for the individual. We are large enough to offer stability, but have the agility, freedom, and innovativeness of a small start-up.

Management recognizes and respects individual contribution and provides knowledge and wealth creation opportunities for all employees. Here, you have an opportunity for an exciting global career while working with the best clients, technologies, and colleagues.

Our innovative Work-n-Learn program provides a continuous education and learning environment for all employees.
We provide attractive compensation and benefits that match the best in the industry.

Apart from work we take our fun seriously. The culture here is loaded with fun and friendship.

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