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             A successful network build project relies on good fundamental planning and high quality design.


When designing a network, it's important to protect that network from intrusions, viruses, worms and other security risks. Our security services include implementing and maintaining routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software.

All Local Area Networking solutions that we provide are individual, just like the businesses of each of our customers.  The extensively researched & carefully chosen elements within our comprehensive LAN product portfolio integrate easily with our other telephony & software products & services, allowing us to design the network solution that is right for you.  


Whether you have 10 employees or 1000ís of employees;  we are confidant that the networks we provide can allow the communication of all the data, voice, fax & video you need to be as simultaneous and as instantaneous as you require.


eNET services include strategic planning for roll-out concepts as well as comprehensive preparation of detailed plans and build quantities data.

Meticulous preparation ensures efficient network construction and generates valuable savings in build costs.

eNET specialize in providing a complete, cost effective and timely service for all network  build design requirements, leaving client staff free  to manage the key duties of network operation.


To ensure that your network is developed with optimum efficiency, our resources include stats  and Wayleave personnel as well as designers and planners. 

Our clients regularly employ us to assist them in developing their networks knowing that our teams  of engineers have the expertise to design, plan and cost, new extensions complete with Bills of Materials, or conduct audits and provide As-Built information for existing networks.

When complete, our  Media Team can prepare CD-ROMs or secure Web-based sites to effectively record or illustrate your map and network data.

Expert design, implementation and maintenance of advanced solutions that allow your network environment to drive your business to new levels of productivity in most major technology fields, including:


Network Security, including products such as firewalls and intrusion detection / prevention, and services, such as penetration tests and security evaluations.



Disaster Recovery and High Availability, with solutions designed to minimize downtime and enhance service availability through redundancy and clustering.



Thin Client / Centralized Processing, building solutions that create environments with centralized deployment and execution, yielding simplified management and lower TCO.



Internetworking, with customized solutions to network multiple sites together or provide remote access for your users, based on traditional WAN and/or VPN technologies.




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