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Eden Engagement Model


A sound strategy for implementing automation solutions should be based on an incremental approach. Organizations seek a gradual implementation of the automation of their business processes in order to assess the quality of the services offered by the firms that have received this mandate.

Those organizations rely on services firms to establish a clear relationship between their automation investments and their overall strategic goals. In that context, particular emphasis must be given to the definition of requirements and the selection of the right tool for the client. It will also be particularly critical to identify the time frame required for the project, the functionalities needed to meet all business needs, and the required human resources for an optimum implementation.

At Eden, we believe in a balance between the long-term vision of our clients and the short-term objectives of their business process automation projects. Our Engagement Model is based on six steps leading to an efficient delivery of those projects. Key milestones are clear and at the heart of the mission of our clients.

Project development, especially in the software related field, due to its complex nature, could often encounter many unanticipated problems, resulting in projects falling behind on deadlines, exceeding budgets and result in sub-standard products.

 Our track record clearly demonstrates our leadership and innovative approaches in addressing many of the present-day challenges laboratories face when making decisions about automation solution implementations.

RAD (Rapid Application Development) provides for a very dynamic approach to software development and customization. Eden capitalizes on the iterative nature of this approach by involving the client at agreed upon "review points" in the process.



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