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Success is often determined by the ability to align core business projects and resources with corporate objectives. This is especially true as competitive pressures, resource constraints, mergers and acquisitions, and deregulation force businesses to constantly adjust project and resource priorities to reflect changing business goals.

The result is an enterprise project and resource management revolution. What has emerged is a new paradigm, where projects and resources are treated as core business assets, rather than as byproducts of daily activities.

As such, Eden Information Technologies can help you establish goals and deliver results whereby you gain strategic advantage in your industry. To maximize your investment, our professional services team can help you determine the best approach for implementing and streamlining customized, enterprise-wide project and resource management solutions.


To capitalize the investment in process improvement and achieve real business benefits, working practices must evolve to integrate operational experience, and be consistently applied across the organization. This phase focuses on creating the infrastructure required to facilitate understanding, application and continuous improvement of corporate project management methods.

Project focused, team based activities increasingly dominate the way businesses are facing the challenges of today's changing business environment characterized by the need to provide cross-functional solutions to complex problems. The number of projects in many organizations is increasing, and project performance is viewed as strategic to the success of the business.  However many businesses maintain an ad-hoc approach to project management that relies on individual initiative, rather than building on past experience and best practice.  This not only results in lack of visibility on project status and an inability to forecast their outcome, but fails to optimize the corporate potential.

The Project Management Office (PMO) represents the corporate center of excellence for project management and is an essential element in establishing a project culture and optimal project and resource collaboration. The exact functions of the PMO can vary according to your organization and requirements:

  • Administrative and operational support to projects

  • Maintenance of project management standards

  • Project consulting and mentoring

  • Project management training across the organization

  • Provide project managers and project staff

  • Portfolio management including capacity planning and risk analysis

Define the Requirements to Address the Targeted Business Needs

Process improvement only has value if it contributes to the achievement of the Organization's strategic goals. This phase serves to clarify the specific business issues that are to be addressed through improved project management performance, define objectives, and identify the key requirements for achieving these objectives.

To facilitate the acceptance of change and accelerate the take up and application of improved process, it is essential that all the requirements for effective project management (Technical, Organization and Culture) are addressed during the definition and the subsequent planning and implementation phases.

Assess Existing Practices and Identify Improvement Options

To determine the scope of requirements and provide focus for improvement initiatives, we have developed the  structured evaluation of the organization's existing project management practices, identifying the strengths and weaknesses in every aspect of project management, and highlighting areas for improvement relative to the targeted objectives.

Data Gathering and Analysis
Through a series of structured interviews and workshops the organization's current practices and supporting environment for project management are assessed against a set of competence criteria that integrate acknowledged industry standards (PMI, IPMA etc).
Improvements Definition

The analysis generates a consolidated view of project management related issues and aspirations of the organization, and identifies the symptoms of inefficient project practice. The interdependencies between the symptoms and their underlying causes are determined and improvement options investigated. The most appropriate strategy is identified based on the established priorities of the business. This may involve a series of task force projects to address each area of the overall project management environment and targeted objectives:

  • Process Improvement - Role Definition - Organizational Change

  • Information Systems - Training Needs - Change Management...

Every project requires careful planning. The implementation of enterprise project management is multi-faceted in that it involves implementing an overall business process along with supporting tools and methods. The Implementation Planning Workshop brings together the key participants to agree and formalize the activities, responsibilities, risks and time-scales for addressing each of the identified requirements of the solution.

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