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Eden's Software Quality  


Quality at EIT is not a buzz word, but remains a delivering product at the acceptable level of usage.  We  believe that  quality is also  delivering customer delight , not  just satisfaction the difference being the commitment.

We strongly believe and encourage customers to adopt stringent measures towards quality assurance from the inception of any project. Quality assurance planning is an integral guiding tenet of any project and encompasses the entire life of the project right from the ideation stage.

We at Eden take pride in keeping ourselves abreast of the latest trends in quality assurance, fault tolerance, risk optimization. We incorporate this methodology in all our in house project and provide our quality and testing services to out house projects. We understand that different projects have different importance levels accorded to different areas of quality viz., speed, robustness, maintainability, scalability and so on. Eden provides comprehensive quality assurance planning and implementation processes to its customers tailored towards the individual requirements for any given project.

Some of our quality strategies

Consistency of functional requirements towards the design, implementation and testing phases vis-a-vis cross verification and validation procedures
Complete documentation of test plan strategy
Complete documentation of action items and race conditions identified at various stages of the project
Complete documentation of unit and integration test cases high lighting the result of individual test cases.
Complete documentation of installation and upgrading procedures of a project
Complete documentation of the restrictions and limitations identified for the project
Complete documentation of future enhancements for any given project


EIT has always produce a blend of Technology, application and customer  satisfaction  through an  evolutionary  process that is continuous and  and  refined  with  the  passage of  time, providing  best fit Quality solutions that fully meet the clients requirement. 


EIT is fully conscious in fulfilling the customer's requirement to  the highest degree of excellence.  Our  qualified  professionals  ensures  the quality of  our  product on  the basis of  reliability, efficiency, usability, portability, maintainability  and  expandability through a cycle of quality control test and procedures.


Ensuring quality, we rely on the renowned MALCOM BALRIDGE Quality Model and ISO standards. 

Quality awards at best are a quite affirmation of what we believe in, but the true award remains the delighted smile of our customer, who as always  remains our first partner.




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