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Eden Software Services & Solutions  


EIT is build on a strong foundation of technology with our talents spanning from diverse fields which include




  • Customized Multi-platform based applications 

  • E-Commerce Solutions 

  • Project Management Solutions 

  • Network Design and Implementation

  • Hardware and System Service Integration

  • Data warehousing

  • Development of interactive internet applications

  • Office automation and publishing

  • Client Server Applications

  • Re-engineering 

We offer  our  solutions  with comprehensive  techniques  that are destined to mobilize a new approach to the project management life cycle by introducing a fifth stage  defined  as  the  PALM MODEL. We  have  always  believed that concrete management is the key to the success of any software project. Hence the Palm Model is a boon  that  is  now  released  into  the  International scenario and is sure to be a part of  Software Project Management involved in quality software producing houses. 


As  the  essence  of  modern  computing  is  the  provision  of  total  business flexibility.  Our  computing model incorporates  a   high degree of flexibility to allow integration of  Transaction processing, Knowledge discovery and Decision Support System (DSS).


There is no doubt that there is great demand for large-scale distributed applications. Indeed, tremendously expensive special-purpose distributed systems have been deployed and today are used extensively in the banking, airline, and telecommunication industries. The major barrier to supporting these, and even richer, applications on the Internet is the difficulty of designing, building, testing, and maintaining distributed applications using the tools that comprise the state-of-the-art today.

Our proposal is to develop tools that will enable developers to realize scalable distributed applications on the Internet. The life cycle of a distributed application can typically be viewed as having four stages:

Design stage

Implementation and testing stage

Deployment and utilization stage

Maintenance and evolution stage




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