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Information Technology Management & Strategic Planning

As a technology focused solution provider, our team of experienced, dedicated and accredited technology professionals will support you through all stages of your technology decision making process, ensuring you get the right technology solution for your business to bridge the gap to get more productivity and profit to competitive and stay long in the global market. Our team includes professionals with a lot of years of experience in the corporate world and have held Senior Management positions in a number of high-profile organizations in different parts of  the world. We can help you with your Information Technology Management & Strategic Planning, with your Project Management needs.

EITís seasoned team of technology managers can step in to provide cohesive early phase core staffing on behalf of start-up and turnaround companies. We are expert at working with boards of directors and executive management to understand the business model and marketing imperatives which must be translated into an overall IS/IT strategy.

   Our management representation extends from business analysis and strategic IS/IT planning to hiring, mentoring and organizing engineering and technical production teams of all sizes, and collaboratively developing programming and web engineering standards and protocols.

EIT can assist you at any stage in your implementation process, from the information gathering and business justification stage, through to procurement, implementation, training and support, ensuring expert advice is always at hand. We can also provide you with excellent project management skills, Technology Management skills and flexible technical resourcing solutions if required.

Our unrivalled experience within the Information Technology industry is just an email / phone call away.

Business Services

Resource Management Services

  • Business Process Analysis and Definition

  • Information System-Analysis, Design and Development,

  • System / Application consolidation and migration

  • Technology Cost of Ownership - analysis and strategy definition

  • Strategic technology Investment Planning

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning and Management

  • Data Security

  • Document/Information Management Planning and Implementation

  • Quality Management cfdf

  • Programme management

  • Project management

  • Flexible resource management solutions to suit your project needs

  • Short term contracts

  • Long term contracts

  • Technical implementation management services

  • Ad-hoc IT support - pool of highly skilled technical resources to call from

  • Contracted IT support services

  • Outsourced IT management services

  • Total Managed services

Our consultancy services are tailored to give maximum benefit and provide cost effective and customer-focused solutions. We offer the benefit of highly specialized expertise and extensive practical experience, from the initial concept of need and development of strategy, through implementation of programmes, to meeting our clients' objectives.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to bring about dramatic improvements in performance. This can include tossing aside old processes and systems, as well as starting over to develop a better process.

There are three key elements to BPR - business processes, radical redesign and dramatic improvements. BPR can assist in improving measurable quality, sustaining consistency, significantly reducing operating costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. We begin each project with a comprehensive study of your company's short-term needs in order to determine the effectiveness of your current strategy and evaluate the implications of alternative methods to achieve your long-term goals.

 Technology Management  is a proven approach to strategic management that imbeds the long-term strategy into the management system through the mechanism of measurement. TM translates vision and strategy into a tool that effectively communicates strategic intent and motivates and tracks performance against the established goals. The TM, which has four perspectives - Financial, Customer, Internal Business Processes, and Learning and Growth, provides a balanced picture of current operating performance and the drivers of future performance. It also solidifies an organization's focus on future success by setting objectives and measuring performance.

Enhanced Renovation is the changing of the content and arrangement of specific jobs for improving productivity and quality of work experiences. It usually involves automation, computerization, in-sourcing and outsourcing for managing the less value-added tasks. Depending on the solutions identified, work can be redesigned for enlargement, enrichment, rotation as well as to provide flexible work arrangements.

We will explore the way you are communicating with your current and potential customers, as well as your employees, and we will identify opportunities in which web application technology can be used to help manage the flow of information. Based on input gathered, we will complete an analysis to assess your current situation and make suggestions towards an ideal situation. We will then develop and provide a detailed solution strategy that will outline all of the stages necessary to implement your customized and Integrated Information Technology & Communications solution.

TM Services & Operations Assessment

EIT consultants assess current IT services and operations in order for agencies to improve on the delivery of information technology.  This includes reviewing management and organization structures, policies, system development services, and operations. This area of service includes such components as:

Design and implementation of governance and management structures.

IT policy analysis.

Operations review and enhancement.

Outsourcing analysis.

Management & Business Process Redesign

The implementation of advances in technology are often associated with significant changes to the existing business environment.  EIT assists public sector clients with management and business process redesign needs stemming from or related to their information technologies. This area of service includes considerations such as:

Governance structures.

Organizational analysis and design.

Intra-organizational and inter-organizational process redesign.


Feasibility Analysis & Gap Study

EIT efforts to provide state, county, and local government organizations with the most cost-effective and beneficial solution possible have focused on examining the viability and the financial effect of proposed alternatives. We provide services such as:

Alternatives analysis.

Cost-benefit and return on investment (ROI) analysis.

Needs assessments.

When technology meets business, confusion or fusion? We offer the following services:

Requirements Capture - Unambiguous & structured elicitation of the "real" requirement

Competitive Insight - Knowing the market, the technologies, its direction and players

Technology Assessment - Whole- life assessment of similar or competing technologies

Scenario Planning - Simulation & modeling of situations, solutions and their impact

Risk Assessment - Structured & unstructured elicitation of threats, vulnerabilities and consequence and their management and    mitigation

Investment Appraisal - Cost Benefit Analysis, Balance of investment


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