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Vision, Mission & Values  



         Our vision is to continually expand and improve our software products and mentoring services to enrich, inspire and invigorate product development and marketing teams, enabling them to more successfully compete in a highly dynamic global economy.

We will increasingly enhance the collaboration of cross-functional product development and marketing teams to greatly increase their ability to meet customer needs, thereby implementing more successful product launches.

Our customers will be our dynamic and collaborative partners in the quest to continually refine and enhance our products and services. This will result in creative "outside-the-box" thinking continuously expanding the borders of innovation and collaborative processes.


We value a spirit of pro-active problem solving, including a spirit of resourcefulness that embraces change - the entrepreneurial spirit.

Our products and our corporate culture are both built on the principle of facilitated collaboration. We see collaboration as more than just a communication style - it is a state of mind and a way of being.

Working smarter, not harder guides us. Solid, fresh, energetic thinking results from a work/life balance. We believe in drawing from many personal resources: recreational, social, spiritual and mental.

We believe that personal integrity impacts corporate integrity, and that pure creativity is born out of integrity. Being people of integrity will best serve our business purpose as well as our personal goals.

Whether the decision-making process is primarily intuitive or analytical, it is imperative that each person be encouraged and empowered to make reasoned decisions. We can manage (mentor, guide, encourage) decisions, but it's extremely difficult to manage and overcome indecision.

Much of a person's life is spent at work. Life lived with integrity (wholeness) includes a spirit of playfulness and the ability to laugh at ourselves and with each other. We believe that a sense of humor (as an attitude) will make our products more real and alive, and therefore will make them more beneficial to our customers.

Servant's Heart:
The founders believe in servant-leadership, both of us serving a Power greater than we, and each of us serving the other. We believe the principal and attitude of servant leadership serves us well in meeting the needs of our customers.


Our mission is to be the acknowledged leader in our market space by proven performance in three categories:

1. Develop collaborative software solutions designed to improve the new product development (NPD) and new product introduction (NPI, or launch) processes.

2. Provide compelling facilitation, mentoring and training services focused on customer-centric thinking.

3. Establish a community of the best, most innovative marketing thinkers: organize that community into a forum - out of which will flow rich content for continual Eden knowledge development.


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