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Wireless Solutions for Emerging Markets

Eden's Wireless & Security Consultancy Services provide Advanced distributed mobile switching solutions for voice and data communication networks to the fast-growing rural and emerging wireless markets. By delivering affordable and reliable wireless solutions to operators serving these markets, Eden is brings next generation wireless network platform to the core of  infrastructure behind some of the world's most aggressive developing networks.

With an open and standards-based architecture that accommodates technology evolution and superior network scalability, Eden provides a carrier-class solution that enables operators to cost-effectively roll out services and maximize the return on their investment

Eden   provides high-performance broadband wireless solutions specifically designed for building-to-building LAN connectivity and wireless Internet distribution. Service Providers and enterprise customers alike choose our solutions based on our continued reputation for reliability, performance, service and value.


Wireless Networking Benefits:

  • Robust, reliable backbone link

  • Ability to operate product throughout the world

  • No recurring Telco fees or installation charges

  • No special management applications required

  • Integrates in any SNMP management environment

  • No special customer premise equipment required

In most cases, we save businesses more money in the first 6 to 12 months, than the total investment in the wireless networking products. The speeds and dependablity are often greater than a typical WAN connection.

We are able to give you pricing information for your next wireless installation. A site survey is required prior to a final pricing proposal. This ensures that your installation will be as successful immediately after the initial installation.


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